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The anatomy of institutional education

Dear Students,

                Where is heaven? What is paradise?

                We live in a society where everyone is burdened to be the best that they SHOULD be, not what they WANT to be. Society is naive. Society doesn't understand itself let alone understand you. To survive in this society you need to mould yourself into what the society is; judgmental, oxymoronic and predictable. Education used to be a tool for liberation, not an excuse for deliberation.

                Universities want to create the best employees, not the best people. Education, today, is an excuse to demand a higher pay rate. It's an investment. You burn some money today, in hopes to earn more money tomorrow. The education mafia is loose, and all that is being traded is money not knowledge. It's a shameful state when universities operate like banks.

                Amidst all this chaos, you need to discover yourself. That's what successful people do. They discover who they are, and then conquer the world. You can't discover yourself when you are buried knee deep in term papers, and $15,000 in debt. Term papers aren't important, life is. Termpapergurus.com provides you with a better reason to stay in school; to discover yourself. Be liberated.

                Heaven is here. THIS is paradise.


The TermPaperGurus Team