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Most teachers do not seem to understand that not all students are equal. While grading your paper, teachers expect that all students have the same fluency with the written word.
For students who write well, this doesn't pose much of a problem.
Conversely, people who are not so great at putting pen to paper face a huge barrier in terms of adequately communicating their concepts and ideas to the teacher. This creates a bias. And, in most cases, where a vast majority of a student's GPA depends upon their essays or term papers the student with the better concepts but weaker writing skills may end up losing important yards. Although the student may be conceptually well equipped to answer the question at hand, his /her lack of command over the English language gets in the way of him/her sufficiently putting his point across. And s/he does not get the grade he deserves on his essay.
Does life always have to be this way? Not anymore. With the essay writing service of termpapergurus.com this bias need not take place.
What makes our essay writing service so immaculately irresistible?

Plagiarism free essays

Most freshmen don't realize the power of plagiarism scans and copy papers off the internet only to be caught for plagiarism. We here at TermPaperGurus.com have tamed the wild beast they call "Turnitin". Hence, our papers are plagiarism free and forever will be.
How do we do it? We do it by staying true to our clients and to our work. We cite like any good boy would, and NEVER use pre-written material. Unlike other companies we don't make our writers do everything. We use a "Henry Ford" approach and our writing team is divided into three specialized parts; researchers, writers and editors. The teams coordinate on every paper whilst contributing in the manner they deem best.         

If we don't deliver on time, your essay is free.

We call this policy the "domino". This helps us keep our essay writing service efficient.  Whenever we miss a deadline, feel free to claim a "domino" for your essay from your membership panel. Meeting deadlines is not just a hollow promise, but a concrete obligation at TermPaperGurus.com.  

We love writing essays.

Believe it or not, we do. Call us nerds if you will. We are one of those people who write by day, and write more by night. This is why we provide the best essay writing service known to mankind; TermPaperGurus.com.

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